Web E-Commerce Design Package

The Web E-Commerce Design Package provides complete secure on-line credit card transactions for your small business. It consists of the same features and web pages as the Web Promotion package, but additionally provides components for credit card transactions and payment processing. This may include:

  • a shopping cart
  • secure server access
  • a security certificate (required for secure server access)
  • a gateway interface to an Internet Merchant Account
  • single button links to a full payment service (like PayPal)
  • an interface to a payment processor account

Transaction & Payment Processing Options. You may choose from is a spectrum of payment functionality. At one end of the spectrum, a business owner may choose to subscribe to a complete credit card transaction package provider for a simple transaction fee of approximately 3% + $0.30. In this case, I provide the website interface to the transaction provide. The disadvantage is that a customer can only purchase one product at a time and he or she has to leave your website and provide the billing information on the

At the other end of the spectrum, with the addition of a shopping cart (by me), and maybe a transaction gateway (provided by me OR the payment processor), for fees of $20/mo and 3% + $0.30.

Shopping Cart & Secure On-Line Credit Card Transactions - A shopping cart is a facility that keeps track of multiple products a customer intends to purchase, acquire customer billing information, and place orders. Secure server access and security certificate allow your customers to pay for their purchases over the internet using Secure Sockets Layer 128 bit technology. A transaction gateway is an inteface to a payment procesor. If you are not sure what all this means, just know that this is the technology that on-line banking and a large majority of e-commerce websites use.

FYI, a waiter in a restaurant could more easily misuse your credit card than a malicious hacker could interfere with your secure credit card transaction.

Description Fees
Price ranges, depending upon number of pages, images, complexity, and number of products. $600-$1100

Note: the upper price range specified above should be considered typical and should not be interpreted as an actual maximum. For very large product lines, the upper value could be exceeded by a considerable amount.

E-Commerce Portfolios:

Collectibles by Carole Home Page Collectibles by Carole Home PageCollectibles by Carole, an on-line merchant selling antiques, collectibles, and gifts. Also serves the northern Georgia and southern Tennessee area.
Shellections by Pamela Home Page Shellections by Pamela Home PageShellections by Pamela, an on-line merchant selling sea shell art and crafts. Also serves the northeastern Florida and southern Georgia area.

We are quite flexible. Provide us with your actual requirements and we will give you a more accurate bid. Contact our web designer.

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